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Adam Vs The Man | Anchoring the Internet 7 Days a Week

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AVTM 4.0 Crowdfunder Campaign


We have all enjoyed and benefited from ADAM VS THE MAN in one form or another. It has consistently been firing us up and waking us up about how we can achieve the freedom we deserve. Even the mainstream media likes to boost their ratings by snagging our footage. There have been a lot of lessons learned since AVTM launched in 2010, and Adam now has experience with being arrested over 30 times for non-violent civil disobedience, producing a world-class podcast from his basement, scaring a presidential candidate into a panicked back-door escape using nothing but the Constitution, punking the TSA so hard they know him by name, dancing his way into the hearts of millionstrolling the Occupy Movement, protesting anti-free speech laws in Middleborohelping thousands of veterans deal with PTSDhelping countless active duty troops sow dissent among the ranks and get out as Conscientious Objectors, leading thousands of veterans and active duty troops to march on the White House where Secret Service agents knows him by name, cementing his title as “The Gutsiest Gun Rights Activist in America!”, being framed by the feds, showcasing YOUR civil disobedience, and most importantly, BLOWING MORE MINDS BY 8AM THAN MOST ACTIVISTS DO IN A LIFETIME! Now, it’s time to step it up! So, here’s the deal. While Adam was in jail, his operation was sabotaged, his legal defense fund was stolen along with most of his personal possessions and studio equipment. We need $100,000 to launch a bigger, better, stronger AVTM 4.0 with the production support Adam deserves. We have to replace lost, confiscated and destroyed equipment, we need to hire the right, professional staff with the proper skills and experience to get the job done, we need a proper place to do this, and we want to do it as soon as possible! With your help, Adam plans to launch AVTM 4.0 with a 2 hour daily live show featuring your calls via Skype and more of the field videos you know and love him for. This campaign is not to fund AVTM for a specific time period, but to launch a sustainable business. Please listen to the video message from Adam below and check out our awesome kickbacks to show our appreciation. Every donation counts, but if you can’t donate, (donate here!) please share this page!


STICKER ACTIVIST – $10 or more – Signed sticker & thank you letter – because every bit counts.

ASPIRING AGORIST – $25 or more – AVTM Voluntaryism coin plus everything in the STICKER ACTIVIST package.

BEDROOM WALL HERO – $50 or more – Signed AVTM poster plus everything in the ASPIRING AGORIST package.

FOLDED PAPER FREEDOM FIGHTER – $75 or more – How about some Origami by Adam from the kit he had in jail? It’s Adams new hobby and we’ll send you a handmade thank you plus everything in the BEDROOM WALL HERO package.

TSHIRT WARRIOR – $100 or more – You will receive a sweet conversation-provoking tshirt & Adam will make you a personalized voicemail greeting for incoming calls! Plus everything in the FOLDED PAPER FREEDOM FIGHTER package.

TRUTH EVANGELIST – $200 or more – Signed first edition of FREEDOM! the book Adam started writing while enjoying his government-induced taxpayer-funded spiritual retreat. (Will ship separately mid-June.) Plus everything in the TSHIRT WARRIOR package.

DOMESTIC TERRORIST – $500 or more – We’’ll send you an AVTM hoodie and you will get access to the preferred call in line for the show! You’ll be first in line for debates or questions during the show! Plus everything in the TRUTH EVANGELIST package.

SHOW STOPPER – $1000 or more – This gets you sponsorship of one episode of AVTM with 3 separate 1 minute plugs with your logo on screen plus everything in the DOMESTIC TERRORIST package.

PARTNER IN PROPAGANDA – $2500 or more – This is big and Adam will show his appreciation by making you a 1 minute video and putting it on his channel, plus everything in the SHOW STOPPER package.

THE TORA BORA CLUB – $5000 or more – At this point, you’ll be welcomed as our guest for a tour of our not-so-secret hideaway where AVTM is made! You will sit in on a live episode, receive a 1 week sponsorship, plus everything in the PARTNER IN PROPAGANDA package. (AVTM Live! will air M-F from 12-2pmPST and you will be invited to show up 1hr before the show starts for a 15m tour, get to watch Adam finalize his prep, and watch the whole show as it happens.)

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN – $10,000 or more – This is a call for celebration! Just like ol’ Benny did for France, I’ll come visit your sovereign territory to smoke opium and enjoy your prostitutes! (JK) This donation gets you a visit from Adam himself for your own AVTM house party! (Anywhere in US, international for $1000 extra.) Plus everything in the TORA BORA CLUB package.

All kickback packages will ship at the same time when this campaign is concluded which will be at the end of March at the latest. If you donate $100 or more be sure to include your shirt size in the memo or email it to


What does it mean that this will be the fourth incarnation of AVTM?

AVTM 1.0 – After his unsuccessful run for congress, he just wouldn’t shut up. So someone thought it was a good idea to put a microphone in his face and let him take control … ADAM VS THE MAN was belched into existence on KIVA AM1550 in Albuquerque, NM and lasted 6 months before being picked up as a TV show right before it was going to be canceled anyway. What a relief!

AVTM 2.0 – When Adam was picked up by RT, he made the jump to the small screen and was broadcast internationally on cable TV where he took a bite out of mainstream journalism that left a bad taste in his mouth. While on this platform he also achieved 5 MILLION youtube views in just 4 months. Then he was cancelled for political reasons. Damn you, Putin!

AVTM 3.0 – Adam cut loose from TV and made the big move to becoming an independent media resource. He started this venture as a one man operation, then hiring an assistant, and eventually had his operation taken over by interns. (It was his fault.) There were a lot of learning experiences in this time and we had problems with studio location, hiring staff … problems with hired staff, constant arrests for non-violent civil disobedience, and of course the violent government sanctioned kidnapping of Adam Kokesh on July 9, 2013. Even through all the chaos, we were still able to take the YouTube channel from 8 million to 26 million views in a year and a half with almost 1 million podcast downloads.

AVTM 4.0 – The sky’s the limit. Now we have the experience as well as the viewers to move to the next level. We will continue to play to our strengths in reaching out to young, up and coming activists and military veterans and active duty troops. We will also continue the trend of internationalizing AVTM, which already has fans all over the world. The market has shown there’s a place for the show and our viewers deserve a better one. With your help, Adam will be ready to deliver it. We will also organize an affiliate program that allows people to make money spreading the message from anywhere in the world where they can get behind a computer. Since he is banned in DC, he’ll be relocating to Los Angeles and zigzagging across the country on the IS THE WORLD READY? tour in February. If you live somewhere between DC and LA and would like to book Adam for an event, please email him at


As a supporter of AVTM, you can clearly see how the show has evolved and where it is headed. Now is the time to push even further. The viewers deserve a better experience and we will make it happen if we can reach this goal. If we fall short, we will still continue working toward the vision of what the show should be. It will just be by the same hard road we’ve been rolling along until now. Why aren’t we using kickstarter or indiegogo or some other crowdfunding website to do this? They charge about 5% commission plus up to another 5% in processing fees. Doing it this way allows us to provide better kickbacks. Thanks for your support and we look forward to making more sweet, sweet liberty together with your help! Donate here today!

Adam’s statement at his arraignment

“Due to the oath I swore to the constitution when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, by virtue of the universal human right to self defense, in accordance with the Supreme Court case, D.C. vs. Heller, which affirmed that the statutes under which I am being charged are unconstitutional and thus null and void, and on behalf of all freedom loving Americans, I plead not guilty.”

A letter to fellow Americans.

My fellow Americans,

My name is Adam Kokesh and I am a political prisoner. You might think only oppressive regimes have political prisoners, but we have no shortage in America. Of course, that begs the question: What is your definition of a repressive regime? A government that fights to maintain the status quo? A government that criminalizes normal behavior? A government that stifles opportunity? A government that provides the primary mechanisms of the poor getting poorer while the rich get richer? A government that sends people to die in unnecessary wars to benefit bankers and profiteers? A government that does not even pretend to follow its own rules? A government that seeks control by prosecuting dissidents for victimless crimes? Welcome to America!

I have been in jail for over three months for loading a shotgun at Freedom Plaza on Independence Day in defiance of DC gun laws to assert my rights allegedly protected by the 2nd amendment. I have yet to be indicted, let alone tried. My home was raided and ransacked for over 5 hours. I was kept in solitary confinement in cells with ants, cockroaches, water leaks, lights on for 24 hours a day, without a mattress, and I was fed so little I lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks. This is what “gun control” looks like. I harmed or threatened no one, yet for this victimless non-crime, I have been held without bail because of clerical errors that my judge refuses to acknowledge. I have been called “a danger to the community,” but the real danger is a government that seeks to make you dependent by denying your right to self-defense.

Gun control is not about guns. It’s about control. It’s about making you dependent on a government monopoly on force. It not only looks like my persecution, it looks like rising crime rates in cities where attackers know their victims will be disarmed. It looks like rape victims unable to defend themselves on college campuses. It looks like mass shootings that are all the more deadly because they happen in “gun-free zones.” It looks like a government that acts like it owns us, rather than serves us. It looks like a citizenry afraid to stand up for the freedom of self-ownership. It looks like a people unwilling to assert that they will not be enslaved. It looks like you are just waiting for someone to fight and win back your right to be a free, beautiful, independent human being! It looks like America today.

I am a civil rights activist, but I am not a leader. In order for us to have a truly free society, we must be the alphas of our own lives. As a humble civil servant, I can only hope my sacrifice has served to stir your conscience. I care more about making you think than making you like me. When I go to trial, I will be arguing that if there is no victim, there is no crime, and it will not just be my civil disobedience on trial, not just gun control, not just the enforcement of unconstitutional laws, not just the criminal injustice system, but the entire idea of government force and the government that has become the greatest enemy of freedom will be on trial. I will be fighting for my freedom, and yours, but you will never be free until you stand up for yourself and demand to be free. I would never ask you to follow me, but I dearly hope that you will join me.

Free in mind and spirit,
if not in body,
and yours always,

Adam Kokesh

ok, talk to you guys soon!!! Thank you!!!

October Update

On July 4th Adam Kokesh did the most epic civil disobedience in modern history because he believes in liberty and that

self-defense is a civil right. click here  to see the video.

On July 9th his home was raided and ransacked for 5 hours by over 50 officers with a tank and helicopters. click here to see the aftermath.

Since then, Adams team was sabotaged, all the money raised for legal defense was stolen. click here for the details.

Despite all that, he has been podcasting from jail. click here to see the podcast’s.

He and his team are working hard to use this opportunity to spread the message & raise awareness of jury nullification. for more info click here.

We need all the help we can get, email if you want to volunteer.

Adams trial is coming up on Oct.24th & we are hosting a rally that evening in DC, to help out with that email & RSVP on the FB event page.

Please support this cause by donating & enjoy the following tokens of our appreciation:

$25 – Signed AVTM sticker
$50 – sticker and AVTM shirt
$100 – sticker, shirt and a letter from adam in jail answering any question you like.
$1000 – All of the above and a exclusive dinner with Adam and his crew once he gets out of jail.


Adam has been transferred to General Population! (Finally!)

He’s sounding in good spirits, and has prepared himself for the long haul that this case promises to be. His next court dates are as follows:

10/24/2013 09:30AM Jury Trial

Adam was not able to secure counsil due to the misappropriation of funds by a former team member.
for all our donors concerned over transparency issues please email your donation receipt to and he will get you a report as soon as it is complete.

The decision to suspend AVTM did not come lightly, but unfortunately it is the only logical course of action since Adam was evicted from his home. Adam’s body of work will continue to be promoted, but up to the minute details of his case are no longer requisite. In order to utilize the bulk of the funds for legal expenses, Adam requested that the show take a hiatus.

We are still raising funds for Adam’s defense, and all donations from the date of this e-mail onward will be going towards Adam’s legal fund, or promotions for events pertaining to Adam’s case (such as Jury Nullification).

Cool, huh?

And of course, thanks for all the support!

Update: 130714

Adam Kokesh appeared in DC Superior Court on Tuesday for a Status Hearing. The Court will make a determination on his bond status later this week.