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AVTM LIVE! Now Featuring LIVE CALLS! | Adam Vs The Man

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That’s right! We’ve been developing the program for the ADAM VS THE MAN Podcast (now known as AVTM LIVE!) diligently for the last month and the final piece is finally in place. So far, we’ve added the live broadcast, a professional board op (John Ciesar @Treason4Truth), a talented co-host (Ali Havens @AliHavens), twitter interaction (you can still contact me during the show @adamkokesh), real studio mics (finally), a studio that looks like the love child of a grow room and a space ship, and now, we’ll be taking live calls!!! So please, join us five nights a week from 9pm to midnight EST at


It’s time to grow the conversation around liberty, so please get ready to call in at 1-567-314-1698 and join us! We’ll be taking calls throughout the show, but especially during the magical 3rd hour. Bring your friends and challenge statists to call in!


Thank you all so much for supporting the show by being a part of the live audience and using AVTM to grow the movement by sharing the show with others! Feedback is always appreciated, and if the show is any less than a perfectly awesome way to introduce the message to your friends, family, and anyone else’s attention you can get, let me know! As always, you can send your love mail to, then go fuck yourself.

6 Responses to “AVTM LIVE! Now Featuring LIVE CALLS!”

  1. Carter says:

    Hi Adam,

    I would really enjoy hearing more discussion on all the different sects of liberty minded thought. In particular there are all kinds of strange anarchist divisions such as anarcho-socialist, venus project, etc. Some of these so-called anarchist have weird views on property rights. Some believe there should be no coercive government, but that there should be no property rights. Do you think you could get some of these anti-state folks on to talk about property rights? Peter Joseph is one that comes to mind that was on with Molyneux a while back. Anyway, my 2 cents.

  2. durablebrad says:

    Julian Assange did an amazing job today in several interviews that are worth viewing. He took forty minutes to explain the Libertarian ideals of an encryption-protected internet free market, as well as other concepts on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman… and trounced Erin Burnett’s bottom-feeding slander with calm brilliance on CNN. Both clips are available on youtube.


  3. Rafael says:

    WAS UP Adam!!!

    Thanks for your latest chat on Bit Coins.

    I would like to refer you to Peter Surda’s Thesis on Austrian Economics and Bit Coins.

    “Economics of Bitcoin: is Bitcoin an alternative to fiat currencies and gold?”

    Thanks for all your good work man!!!

    - Rafael

  4. Rafael says:

    Hey Adam,

    It’s Rafael again. The thesis that I just sent you (rumor has it that it will be published by Laissez Faire books.)

    Me and my boys, of, here in Austin had a chat with Mr. Surda via our google hang out:

    Go Bit Coin!!!


  5. Lawrence says:

    “As always, you can send your love mail to, then go fuck yourself” – HAH!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Traitor.
    Trying to Start A civil war with the russian government?

    Your Being Exposed.

    We Are Anonymous!
    We Are Legion!
    We Do Not Forgive!
    We Do Not Forget!
    United As One!
    Divided By Zero!

    Adam Cokesh You Should Have Expected Us!

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