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Bitcoin Friday Sale @ AVTM! | Adam Vs The Man

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Bitcoin Friday Sale @ AVTM!

Today, Friday November 9 2012, merchants all over the world who sell goods and services in exchange for the peer-to-peer digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) are having a special one-day sale to bring in new customers and show support for the Bitcoin project. This day has been dubbed “Bitcoin Friday” to mirror the shopping spree “holiday” known as “Black Friday,” which follows Thanksgiving every year in the U.S.

ADAM VS THE MAN is proud to support stateless currency and help foster competition with the monopolized Federal Reserve System by participating in Bitcoin Friday! As such, everything in the AVTM Store is on sale: T-shirts and tanktops are 1.5 BTC, hats are 2.5 BTC, and hoodies are 3.5 BTC (s/h included in all prices).

All you need to do to place your order is send an email with the item you want, the size, and the shipping address to with the subject “Bitcoin Order,” and then we will give you a unique Bitcoin address to send the proper amount of coins to. After you send the coins to that address and we receive confirmation, we’ll let you know that the transaction has been completed. It’s that easy!

If you’re new to the concept of Bitcoin, we encourage you to watch these videos which will help you get started.

7 Responses to “Bitcoin Friday Sale @ AVTM!”

  1. Brett says:

    Are you going to have a sale for those of us who are still using fiat currency?

  2. anon says:

    bitcoin is fiat so the answer is yes.

  3. Tom says:

    Bitcoin is a hoax. Bitcoin creators believe in “Austrian” (i.e. Talmudic) economics. Talmudic economics is ALWAYS beneficial for Jews ONLY.

    • disagreeableness says:

      Wait, if Austrian economics benefits the “Jews only”….and then America is controlled by same said dastardly Jews……how come we have an economy based on Keynesian theory?

  4. Doc Cook says:

    I think something happened like this happened a couple of times throughout our history and it did not end well. Those that participated in the first event are all dead. Those that participated in the second event are almost all dead, perhaps all of them at this year.

    #1 The Civil War
    #2 The Bonus Army

    But hey, what the fuck does history mean Adam? -Sleep easy since Iraq Bro?

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