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As I said in the premiere episode to my show, it all comes down to a choice.

“In the face of uncertainty, you can cowardly seek the comfort of the ranks and look to authority to tell you where to point the guns. Or you can turn to the one reliable source for guidance that you have, when instant obedience is being called for – your own conscience.”

When you know the status-quo is a fictitious paradigm, when you know the mainstream media is more deceptive than informative, and when you know that truth itself is more often ignored than covered, you have great power. Your responsibility is to spread that message as far and wide as possible. Adam Vs The Man is here to act as your tool in fulfilling your responsibility. The Internet is a truly revolutionary tool to spread the message of freedom. With the Internet, we can overcome the challenges that face us today.

“I’m 29 [...] the oldest of Generation Y, the Millennials, the first ‘digital natives.’ For those my age, we grew up alongside the Internet. But the kids today… some kids today even have smart phones in high-school classrooms. I might ‘get’ the Internet, but younger people are different. It’s as if you have the Internet hardwired in your brains. And all of the implications of the Internet, all of our potential with it, all of the promises rest with you. You can lie to us, but you can’t get away with it for very long, because now, we have the truth button, right there, just one click away.”

In short, spread the truth – ignite inquisitive brush fires in the hearts and minds of your fellow men and women. Utilize the amazing tool of the Internet to demonstrate there is another way. You have the power, the responsibility is yours.

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