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Status: United States vs. Adam Kokesh

ON AUGUST 13, 2013 Mr. Kokesh will appear in DC Superior Court for a trial status date as
well as a motion to reconsider his bond conditions. Mr. Kokesh honorably served this country as
Marine for many years after enlisting in the Marines at age seventeen (17). In 2004 Mr. Kokesh
voluntarily deployed to combat in Fallujah with a Civil Affairs Team. During his time in the
Marines, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was awarded a Navy Commendation
Medal and a Combat Action Ribbon.
After his honorable discharge from the Marines, Mr. Kokesh moved to Washington, DC to
pursue a graduate degree at George Washington University. While studying there, he realized
there was a need to support other war veterans returning from combat and that little to no
support programs existed. In lieu of completing his masters degree, he became a full-time
volunteer with Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans For Peace. Additionally, Mr. Kokesh
founded and hosted a weekly peer support group for veterans, called Homefront Battle Buddies.
Mr. Kokesh has been a long-time outspoken activist for a wide range of causes, including
Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Mr. Kokesh has always been an avid arms collector,
however at this time his collection has been confiscated by law enforcement. He has organized
numerous peaceful demonstrations. Though he is an outspoken anti-war activitst, he has never
incited violence at any rally or demonstration.
Mr. Kokesh hosts and produces a daily podcast and posts videos to his YouTube channel
seven days a week. These podcasts and videos can be found at
Additionally, Mr. Kokesh has appeared regularly as a guest on national and local news outlets.
He is not a flight risk, as he is always visible via the internet, and has a well-known reputation as
a peace activist.



JULY 29, 2013 09:00

The courtroom this morning was dimmed for Adam Kokesh’s first hearing after he was taken into Federal custody on Friday, July 26. As Adam was brought in front of the judge in an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles, Adam’s attorney, Peter Cooper, immediately asked why the Federal Marshals had confiscated Adam’s notes before the case. The judge replied that Mr. Cooper could “buy the transcripts, if he wished”. The tone for this case thus set, the prosecution brought forward Detective Robert Freeman to testify regarding the affidavit that he presented to Judge Frederick Sullivan. The affidavit for this case is in addition to the sealed affidavit that allowed a coalition of federal thugs to perform a raid on Adam’s Herndon residence three weeks ago.

The contents of Detective Freeman’s affidavit, accepted today, were not read verbatim, but did specifically mention the YouTube video that Adam posted on the morning of July 4. The sealed affidavit from the Virginia case has not yet been opened.

The tone throughout the hearing was terse, and the prosecuting attorney repeatedly objected to each question that Adam’s lawyer posed, citing ‘discovery’ as the reason why any question whatsoever would be absolutely invalid. It seems as if the court has at least one confidential informant that will see the stand as the case progresses. The judge’s attitude went hand-in-hand with the prosecution, portraying Mr. Cooper’s questions as insolent and repeatedly threatening to end the hearing early.

Adam’s lawyer pressed the witness to describe the shotgun that was found in Herndon, and the witness could not name the model, but stated that it was the same shape and color as the one portrayed in the video. When asked if he knew what a green screen was, Detective Freeman noted that he “knew they existed” but that he “was not a video forensics analyst”. Judge Sullivan stated that it was ‘ridiculous to question’ the authenticity of the video, because Adam had ‘racked a shotgun for all the world to see’.

Mr. Cooper’s questions laid the gaping holes in the warrant and the case to light, though it remains to be seen whether the facts will overcome the overwhelming bias that Judge Sullivan showed in the opening act of this high-profile case.

The attorneys for the day’s other cases in the front row of the courtroom pulled up Adam’s YouTube channel on their mobile devices and cracked jokes about Adam’s guilt. Darrell Young was removed from the courtroom after attempting to take a picture. Adam has been charged with carrying a firearm outside his home or office in the District of Columbia, which carries a sentence of up to 5 years.

The tension in the courtroom came to a head when the Judge shouted that he “WOULD NOT ENGAGE IN RIDICULOUSNESS” after accusing Mr. Cooper of “wasting his time” with “ridiculous questions”. He scoffed at the idea that Adam’s actions constituted an ‘act of political theater’, as Adam’s lawyer aptly phrased it. None of that mattered, though, as Adam was denied bond for this case. The judge considers Adam a flight risk, and because he is an outspoken political activist who was found with weapons, he is also considered dangerous to the public. The judge also noted that Adam had a previous minor marijuana charge from June 8, 2013, and felt that Adam had violated the terms of his release.

Adam will remain a political prisoner without bond until his felony status hearing on August 13. The AVTM team is continually raising funds for Adam’s legal and operational expenses at, and we have raised approximately $17,000 of our goal of at least $45,000. Please donate as much as you responsibly can in order to make sure that Adam keeps his freedom. We will be releasing further updates as they develop. Thank you immensely for your support.


We have just gotten off the phone with Adam’s lawyer, and he will be appearing in court tomorrow morning at 500 Indiana Ave NW in the District of Columbia. Adam is being charged with concealing a firearm in the District of Criminals. There is a chance the Feds will try to push sedition charges as well.

We need all of our fans and supporters to stand with us in solidarity! This will be a polite, respectful and peaceful gathering!

We will be giving out goodies and gear to our supporters who show up!




(Fairfax, VA)– The ADAM VS THE MAN team attended a second bond hearing for Adam Kokesh this morning at 9AM. He remains a political prisoner at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center where he is being held because of charges that were filed after the police raided his Herndon residence on July 9, 2013. Adam’s initial bond hearing was Monday, and he was granted cash bond at $5,000- meaning that he would have to pay the bond in full and in cash in order to be released. Adam chose to appeal Monday’s decision. The public defender argued that Adam is not a flight risk, has no indication of being a threat to the community, and has a history of appearing at his court summons on time, every time. A guard was quoted by the public defender noting that Adam was “a pleasant person” and the detention center staff have had “no problems” with him. The public defender also noted that no illegal weapons were found inside the residence, and Adam is denying possession of any illicit substances that were purportedly obtained during the search.

The judge denied Adam’s request for personal recognizance, and provided Adam two options for his release, both contingent on the payment of the $5000 cash bond. The Virginia State Police feel that Adam is a flight risk,and set additional conditions for his release, both of which would be supervised. Firstly, two lieutenants and a deputy of the Virginia State Police and the Fairfax County Police would be required to be notified of Adam’s release. Secondly, Adam would not be allowed to possess a firearm or be in contact with those who own firearms. These conditions are worse than those granted to a convicted felon. The other option that the judge offered was to allow Adam to stay in a local homeless shelter, if the requirements specific to firearms could not be met.

It should also be noted that the affidavit that allowed Raymond Morrogh to pull the warrant for the Virginia State Police is still sealed at this time. The judge has not yet seen the affidavit.

On the afternoon of July 18, 2013 Adam was served with an additional warrant in the District of Columbia, regarding the alleged firearms violations stemming from his July 4th YouTube video, as well as a retainer issued by Fairfax County. Adam cannot move forward on the Federal charges unless he is released or posts bond. Since he was denied personal recognizance today, his only available options are to pay the $5000 cash bond, or remain a political prisoner until at least October 2nd, provided that lab results on suspected drugs supposedly obtained in the search have been released. The public defender made it clear in court today that it is unlikely that the tests will be completed by October 2nd.

This is a clear violation of a peaceful activist’s right to a fair and speedy trial, for the sole purpose of feeding the local authorities and US Parks Police’s vendetta against him. The government overreach present in this case has been highly specious, and serves as a prime example of the repeated attacks on the civil liberties of all who stand to challenge its monolithic oppressive force.

Now is the time for all free, beautiful and independent individuals to come together to support the plight of an inspiring independent journalist, and to stand together in solidarity to make it clear that the public will not stand for this gross violation of natural rights. In order to obtain appropriate counsel for this landmark case, Adam needs to raise $10,000 or more in addition to the $5,000 cash bond. He needs to do this in order to move forward in the legal quagmire that the US Parks Police has established in coalition with local, state and federal authorities of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Please direct all fund raising endeavors to For any questions regarding your donation, please contact



As many of you know, Adam Kokesh was arrested on July 9, 2013 at his residence in Herndon, VA. The US Parks Police, aided by the local Herndon police force and a coalition of other agencies raided and ransacked Adam’s home. They provided a warrant only after they had taken Adam into custody and had completed an extensive search. They also detained and harassed all the occupants of the house for an extended period and would not provide reason for the detainment.

The warrant for Adam’s arrest is highly suspect. The warrant was signed by Magistrate Judge John F. Anderson, the same judge that signed the warrant for Edward Snowden’s extradition. In addition, the warrant included an affidavit which has not been released to the public.

Adam was arrested for possession of a Schedule I drug (Psilocybin mushrooms) as well as possession of drugs while in possession of a firearm. Possession of Schedule I and Schedule II drugs is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and a maximum $2,500 fine, with a 2 year minimum sentence. In comparison, carrying a loaded firearm in the District of Columbia is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The intermediary between the two law enforcement agencies has been identified as Raymond Morrogh, the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County. The local authorities (VA State Police) felt that the federal authorities were not doing enough to pursue the investigation of the YouTube video that Adam posted on July 4, 2013. Raymond Morrogh forced the federal authorities to intervene in this case, and arranged for the collaborative work of the various agencies involved in the search. The local state police forced the Federal Agencies to pull a warrant that was not in the Virginia State Police’s jurisdiction.

Raymond Morrogh is the Commonwealth Attorney for Fairfax County, and can be reached at 703-246-2776. His office is located at 4110 Chain Bridge Rd Fairfax, VA 22030-4042. Please flood his office with calls demanding that Adam’s case be thrown out. We need to take every possible avenue to put this man’s devious actions to light. He is directly responsible for the ridiculous waste of public funds consumed in a search he was complicit in. Our aim is to get this case dropped on the grounds of illegal search and seizure.
Adam is being held as a political prisoner at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. The detention center is located at 10250 Judicial Drive, Fairfax VA, 22030.

Furthermore, we have clarification regarding ADAM VS THE MAN’s relationship with Shield Mutual. As of July 15, 2013, we are no longer using Shield Mutual for any of their services. The reason behind this decision is based upon funds that George Donnelly raised on May 18, 2013. These funds were never released to Adam and are still missing. In light of these events, we have directed all fundraising efforts through channels that the ADAM VS THE MAN team can monitor and utilize most effectively in order to quickly and accurately enact Adam’s requests from the detention center.

This fundraising approach allows Adam the most control over his assets while he is unlawfully incarcerated. Adam will be not be using the public defender, and therefore needs to raise at least $10,000 in order to obtain appropriate counsel. At this time Federal authorities have yet to charge Adam with a crime, and Adam has no plans on taking bond on a crime that he did not commit.

The coming days are vital for Adam’s case. We need all who believe in Adam’s cause to stand with us, and donate as much as they responsibly can to Adam’s cause. These funds will be used for Adam’s legal defense as well as ADAM VS THE MAN’s operational costs. We need to make sure that Adam will be able to obtain appropriate counsel and ensure that this clear case of government overreach is exposed for exactly what it is. The overbearing power that the Federal Government has achieved is out of hand and untenable, and what happened to Adam could happen to any of us next.

We thank all of our supporters for standing in solidarity with Adam in his time of need. Please direct all fundraising efforts to . Please be sure to read the instructions listed there about the allocation of funds. Your support is vital and we would be nowhere without you. You are the lifeblood of this movement



Darrell Young, Manager/Podcast Director
Jeffrey Phillips , Marketing Director
Edd Yealey, Technical Director
Liz Delish, Development Director
Jeremy Mazur, Field Director